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    The smart campus application realizes the face recognition attendance in class and the school gate entry barrier. The face recognition attendance provides convenience for the class teacher to attend the class attendance, and also helps the counselor and parents to master the student dynamics; the school gate entry barrier can reject the unrelated person and so on. In addition, the safety of students and campus is guaranteed.

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    In the smart community application, residents can easily enter the community through face recognition. For the access control of the unit port building, only the residents of this building can enter the unit building through face recognition. If a guest visits, the guest should upload face information in advance on WeCaht public account. visitor registration will be time-sensitive, only allowed to enter the unit building during this time, which plays a key role in the safety of the residents.

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    Supermarket application realizes the centralized management of supermarket anti-theft and goods cashier. The face recognition function is conducive to deter thieves, effectively preventing theft, POS function display and record goods transaction information, and facilitate the inventory and verification of daily goods. In a system, the business application is more convenient and intelligent.

Supported brands



Face recognition server

  • Intelligent supermarket
  • Safe campus
  • Smart community
  • CCTV security


Platform management server

  • Platform management
  • Alarm Management
  • Face list management
  • Preview image allocation


All-in-one Machine

Access control


Face recognition

Face recognition consists of face matching, face playback, face statistics and face linkage alarm, widely used in supermarkets, communities and schools. In supermarkets application, face recognition and POS function are jointly enabled, plays a key role in commodities anti-theft and provides daily inventory convenience. As a key part of face access control, face recognition has also been applied in residential buildings and school gates, which can effectively avoid strangers' entrance. At the same time, it also makes attendance of school students easy and fast, which is conducive to teachers and parents' mastery of students' situation.

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POS integration

POS integration function supports POS real-time preview, playback, filtering and backup, is widely used in the supermarket checkout on the need for a variety of goods such as shops, POS real-time preview can real-time monitor the shop assistant cashier invoicing, when there are wrong inventory items, it can be verified via POS playback, powerful POS filtering mechanism also provides great convenience for daily goods counting. Same time it supports POS data backup, and views POS video recording anytime and anywhere.

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Virtual Matrix

Virtual matrix function supports to drag and drop any camera to display on live view, and can also set the preview group. Prewview several cameras in a split. It supports up to 144 splits at the same time which is always used to do TV wall, has very high use value in the security monitoring.

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